Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2010

Controloid Reference

This is the official reference guide for the android app Controloid.

If you want to translate Controloid in another language, you can do that directly on Alternatively, I will send you the string-file for translation.

Please follow me on twitter to be up-to-date.

Version: v0.9.5.14
Last Update: 2011-01-24


I. Description
Controloid is a Webinterface Client for Dreambox TV-Receiver with Enigma 1 (Dreambox-Models 500 / 500+ / 5600 / 5620 / 600 / 7000 / 7020) or Enigma 2 (Dreambox-Models 500hd, 800, 7020hd, 7025, 8000) Web-Interface.

The aim of Controloid is the everday use (instead of the remote control). Many features are also available off-line. For example you can plan your timers during a train journey. Controloid synchronize the data automatically.

II. Features
  • Access to all TV- and Radio-Bouquets (with EPG preview).
  • EPG detail info.
  • Access to your recordings (deleting movies in off-line modus available).
  • Organize your timers (also off-line).
  • Streaming current program or movies with external Player (e.g. VPlayer).

III. Requirments
  • Receiver with up-to-date Enigma Webinterface.
  • VPlayer from android market for streaming.
There is only a limited functionality with some older Enigma versions.

IV. User Manual

- will be completed as soon as possible -

(i) Preferences
  • You can add multiple receiver configurations. During configuration Controloid checks the connection and starts updating automatically. You can change the default port (80) of the webinterface by adding the parameter (-port 1234). Also you can change the default ports for streaming (-movieStreamPort 1234 -channelStreamPort 1234). 

V. Translation
You can translate Controloid directly on
  • Croatia translation from Ivica B. (Thx)

VI. Supported Enigma Versions
Crucial for the support of Controloid is the Enigma Web Interface version. You can find out the version by clicking on Help in the Web interface.

At this point all informations about Enigma support will be published:

Enigma 1:
Version 5.0.7: various restrictions - no EPG, no remote control support.

Full support: Version 6.0.4

Enigma 2:

- please give a feedback for your version to complete the list -

VII. Tips & Tricks

VII-1. How to use Controloid over Internet
(i) Make your Dreambox accessible over internet (e.g. with Dyndns) - you can use any external port (for example 1234)
(ii) Create a new receiver configuration with your Dyndns Domain-Name
(iii) Configure the port in receiver parameter (like -port 1234)
(iv) Add (-update false) in the receiver parameter. This prevents an automatic EPG update.
You can now switch between the receiver configurations from the menu.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Thank you fore a very good app. But the bottom on the remote are wrong. Right are left and vise verse.

Sidney Bluesky hat gesagt…

Thank you for your comment. I will correct it in the next version.

kamelie hat gesagt…


I am using the latest version of your software.

My dreambox has openpli.
Firmware release 1.0.9, 12.12.2010
Web Interface 6.0.4-Expert

When using vlc I can see the stream at httpp://my_dreambox:31344

should I change the default?

For now I see only the remote when launching the program.
How can I see the streaming?


tHUNDEr hat gesagt…

I also using on my receivers (Enigma1) OpenPLi (or PLi Jade3) and only something in controloid is working.
(Open)PLi has custom version of webinterfece different from standard webinterface.
For example, streaming is not working, Timers not show list of timer items, only something buttons on "remote control" is working.
Is it possible to add (Open)PLi support to controloid?
I can contribute with it.

Sidney Bluesky hat gesagt…

Hello tHUNDEr, I am currently very busy - I need more information please send me an email.

Sidney Bluesky hat gesagt…

Hello Kamelie, i sent you an email.

Fredrik hat gesagt…

Hi, great app so far, one question tho. What ports are used for streaming the video so I can access the stream from outside my wlan? Bandwith is no problem.

Thanks för a great app.

Sidney Bluesky hat gesagt…

Hello Fredrik,

the default port are:

Enigma 1:
Movie-Stream = 31342
Channel-Stream = 31339
Enigma 2:
Movie-Stream = 80
Channel-Stream = 8001

Fredrik hat gesagt…

When I try to stream outside my home network I only get the message "no streaminfo".
The correct ports are opened.
Do I need to add any parameters to the app in the reciever configuration page?


Fredrik hat gesagt…

Never mind my earlier question. It seems that the router didn't open the ports correctly. After reboot of the router the streaming worked just fine!
Now.. How do I donate ;)